Der zweite Tag/ Kleiner Wetterraum

Der zweite Tag/ Kleiner Wetterraum

Heute sollte die Reise dann von unserem Flugplatz starten. Das Wetter war kalt und wechselhaft für Pfingsten vorhergesagt. Für heute sollte es jedoch noch gut werden, sodass wir uns entschieden vom Dümpel aus nach Süden zu fliegen um am folgenden Tag eine wettertechnisch gute Ausganspositionierung zu haben. Und so machten wir uns mit den fünf Fliegern (DuoDiscusT, DG 1000, LAK 17, LS4, Jantar Std. 2) bereit. Das ambitionierte Ziel eine Runde um Köln in die Eifel zu fliegen verwarfen wir jeodch schnell, nachdem wir einen Blick in den Korridor geworfen hatten. Spontan war die Idee geboren direkt nach süden zu fliegen. Leider mussten wir feststellen, das auch dieser Weg schnell enden würde, da eine Schauerlinie bei Siegen stand und uns damit den Weg versperrte und gleichzeitig die Thermik wegsaugte. So endete der erste Tag für den Duo, die LS4 und die LAK wieder zu Hause, für die 1000 in Hünsborn und für den Jantar auf dem Acker vor Hünsborn. Wir luden die Flieger in die Hänger und trafen uns auf der Autobahnraststätte Siegerland. Die Wetterprognosen hatten sich in der zwischenzeit wieder völlig verändert, sodass wir entschieden für den Samstag in der "Gegend" zu bleiben. Jetzt hoffen wir auf den morgigen Tag, der eine große Strecke Richtug Osten verspricht. 

Der erste Tag/ Vorbereitungen

Der erste Tag/ Vorbereitungen

Am Donnerstag trafen wir uns alle an unserem Heimatflugplatz Bergneustadt auf dem Dümpel, um die letzten Vorbereitungen für unseren fünftägigen Wandersegelflug zu treffen. Die Hänger wurden vorbereitet alle Sachen gepackt und grobe Pläne für die Folgetage geschmiedet. 

Wir ließen den Tag mit leckerem Wein und geräuchertem Lachs am Lagerfeuer ausklingen. Alle waren guter Stimmung und freuten sich auf die Tage, die vor Ihnen lagen.



traveler from Duempel meet traveler from Riesa

traveler from Duempel meet traveler from Riesa

We (Felix, Tanja, Johannes, Holger, Max, Marcel, Jannik, Waltraud, Francois) with DG1000, Jantar Std. 2, LS3 and LS4 landed today in Riesa-Canitz and met Chris from Riesa-Canitz, who was traveling last week.

We started in Bergneudstadt and landed in Brilon. After a night in Frankenhausen, we flew from Frankenhausen to Reinsdorf.
Another night to sleep... And now we flew to Riesa- Canitz...tomorrow we have to go home...

Summary 2015 - Chris & 4W traveling by glider

Summary 2015 - Chris & 4W traveling by glider

48 flight hours in 12 days flying 2500km... met many very nice people and had a great time. I always found a room and never had to use my tent. Only at one airport there was no restaurant available, simply because the owner had birthday and it was closed.
This was the route:

Here are the airports:

Chris & "4W" (Jantar Std. 1 turbo ... the only one)

... the strategy is to fly wherever the weather will be good in the next days... just following the good weather. This way I flew of 22 of 24 days (2014&2015).
What does a normal travelers day look like:
... getting up at about 8o-clock and checking the weather forecast
... checking possible airports which offer start possibilities on the next day at the, setting a target and maybe call the target airport
... breakfast in restaurant
... paying for aerotow and preparation of glider
... flying
... after landing asking for bed (and place in hangar)
... tie down glider or move it into the hangar
... dinner in restaurant (and meeting new people)

Here you can find pictures and stories for each day:
Day 1
Day 2
Day 3
Day 4
Day 5
Day 6
Day 7
Day 8
Day 9
Day 10
Day 11
Day 12

Please see also Torstens and Juppis blog in German language. They use a Kestrel and a car&trailer.

2015 - day12: Wasserkuppe (GER) to Riesa (GER)

2015 - day12: Wasserkuppe (GER) to Riesa (GER)

... today I had to fly home, because I will take part in our "Canitzer Streckenflugwoche" Competition starting tomorrow. This time the weather-forecast was right... blue sky in the morning and good thermals.
... start into good looking sky after saying goodbye to Torsten, Juppi and the Wasserkuppe-Team

... either the cloud base is very low or the ground very high... carefully flying towards Thueringer Wald

good lifts at Thueringer Wald

... passing Erfurt above CTR

Weimar, town of poets and thinkers...

cooling tower Boehlen...

... home sweet home ... Riesa-Canitz (between Dresden and Leipzig)

... pilots prepare their gliders in the background for the first competition day tomorrow...

2015 - day11: second non-flying-day

2015 - day11: second non-flying-day

morning at Wasserkuppe

briefing... Dieter explains the very special weather situation...

... we use the time to visit the historical gliding museum... I always wanted to go there.... very nice...

... practicing team flying with Juppi... we planed team flying for today, but not exactly this way....

... finally the overcast disappears... later at 4:15pm the weather looks flyable.... but too late to fly somewhere else...

Tomorrow I have to fly home to Riesa-Canitz, because on Friday our Canitzer Streckenflugwoche Competition starts... lets hope that the forecast is right this time...
... please see also the travelers blog from Torsten and Juppi (German):

2015 - day10: Jena (GER) to Wasserkuppe (GER)

2015 - day10: Jena (GER) to Wasserkuppe (GER)

easiest day of the trip, because we were flying in a team (Kestrel piloted by Torsten) and the weather was easy...
a small group from Rostock and Torsten and Juppi enjoying the view from the tower

no hurry, yet... the weather window is not expected before 1:30pm...

time to get Torsten will fly the Kestrel.. we decide to aim for the Wasserkuppe.... 130km away



30km/h headwind ... fortunately the day starts with 2-3.5m/s climbs...

less clouds and more bubble-lifts while flying towards Thueringer Wald

near Alkersleben we have to search a while in order to gain height before jumping to Thueringer Wald ... and have to go around restricted airspace ED-R95

... now everything is easy...

we enjoy the good climbs...

cloud street to Wasserkuppe...

... home for tonight... the Wasserkuppe... craddle of soaring

Team-mates: Jantar Std. 1t and Kestrel

... Juppi and Torsten point out that here in Gersfeld the German Aeroclub was founded... also the first record in "long distance" gliding of 6.7km was made here...
... nice evening in very tasty restaurant (the sun/die Sonne)...


2015 - day 9: Vrchlabi to Jena

2015 - day 9: Vrchlabi to Jena


...most difficult day of the week... bubbles bubbles bubbles ... and windy at the end
There might be a chance of flying tomorrow from Jena or Laucha... I called Sven from Jena, he told me that some pilots from Rostock are at a gliding camp in Jena... and I could use his Caravan for the night.... so the decision was made...
morning in Vrchlabi...

Lubos helped again (thanks)... he speaks German fluently and also trains German flight students...

Liberec tower... tried to follow the hills more than the clouds...

above Zittau

I was happy that most clouds were gone... they were no use...

Got clearance for Dresden airspace... controler complained that I did not stay on Flight Level 50... so I had to leave to the south...

weak thermals and head wind... I am very slow... and still get low... time for 7 minutes engine at southern corner of dresden airspace

reaching good clouds

29km/h head(left)wind... climbs give 0.6-0.8m/s... not enough against the wind... 20km before Jena I give up at use the engine...

home for tonight... Jena Schöngleina.

.... here I met Torsten and Juppi, two glider travelers.... they use one Kestrel and a car... they started in Klix today... landed out after 100km and arrived by car and trailer... we had a nice evening together... see for their stories in German

2015 - day08: Prievidza (SK) to Vrchlabi (CZ)

2015 - day08: Prievidza (SK) to Vrchlabi (CZ)

... planing the day was never this difficult during this trip... the original plan was to head towards Germany via Vrchlabi. The forecast showed very good weather in northern part of CZ... but 15-20knots head wind speed. I was not sure if 300km against this wind would be possible.

... an alternative airport which was closer was required..... I was in Mikulovice (100km south-east of Vrchlabi) a few years ago for wave flying... so I called Vlasta and asked her if towing tomorrow would be possible.... she said no problem...

... furthermore I decided to skip the jump over the first ridge into the Dubnica valley by taking a longer aerotow (31km)... during my flights I always had to pass Hranice valley (Ostrava TMA IV) with the help of the engine, so the longest leg would start after Hranice.

...good clouds and 1.5-3m/s climbs when passing CZ/SK boarder...

... as expected at Hranice Valley... only a few clouds which did not provide lift... picture was made just after starting the engine...

... after 8 minutes the engine was switched of and a feasible lift could be found... destination for today was still Mikulovice... wind is as can be seen 35km/h from Vrchlabi direction

... after about 40km very nice cloud streets provided an easy ride against the wind

...pumped storage plant near Jeseniki... circling was not often necessary and Vrchlabi became the final destination...

... great fun.... very easy flying... OLC statistics gives a gliding ratio of 40 over 192 km with 30-35km/h head wind...
... arriving at Snezka...

The hangar was already full, so today "4W" stays outside... I got a room in the flight school, but the restaurant is closed today... so dinner was provided by the gas station...

2015 - day07 - Cestochowa (PL) to Prievidza (SK)

2015 - day07 - Cestochowa (PL) to Prievidza (SK)

... the forecast for tomorrow predicts the best weather in CZ. Unfortunately there is a huge military training zone created for two weeks. I passed CZ on my second day one day before it became active. It is active up to 1pm. An alternative is Slovakia, so I decided fly around Krakow and Katowice by flying east around the controlled airspace towards Prievidza.

blue sky in the morning... first clouds at 9:30...

YAK12 is towing again... this very old aircraft type has no time limit on the frame, just the engine has to be exchanged every 800 hours (sometimes 1200hours).

... nice looking clouds, but the lifts are made of many bubbles and it is hard to find a circular lift... in most cases the climbing ends when starting to circle...

... passing Wisla river east of Krakow

...course towards south... it's getting blue

... initially the plan was to go against the wind in High or Low Tatra.... but I could not find the right lift in order to jump towards the Tatras... so I decided to fly directly towards Martin airfield...
...after being able to reach Martin airfield I tried to get enough height to reach Prievidza... there are still Arne, Ortwin and Mario... also I already decided on the menu in Aerorest Restaurant... Kapustinza, Buchti and Beton...

the climbs in the blue are 1-3m/s... so no problem to get there...

Arne knows what is needed after a nice cross country flight ;-)