Pilot search for group trips (English website part)

Here pilots can look for other pilots in order to travel together, possibly by sharing one trailer or tow-plane which joins the trip.
Options are:

  • with shared trailer
  • with shared tow-plane
  • without trailer or tow plane

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Trip type Aircraft Trip time wish Looking for Region Contact
with shared trailer DG 300 KW 31, 29.7.-2.8. DG 300 Pilots to join the trip and share a DG 300 trailer with me. Startin NE Austria, Route depending on weather , preferably around CZ Contact
with shared trailer, with shared tow-plane Lak-17at end of season 19 .... eastern europe Contact
with shared tow-plane DR400 Summer 2019 Test-Entry: I am a towpilot looking for joining a journey. Can transport tents and other luggage and give you aerotows during the trip. flexible Contact
with shared trailer LS4 2 weeks in July TEST-ENTRY: Looking for other pilots for a trip with multiple LS4 and one shared trailer. Route is flexible depending on weather. Please contact me Central Europe Contact