2015 - 2nd day: Vrchlabi (CZ) to Prievidza (SK)

2015 - 2nd day: Vrchlabi (CZ) to Prievidza (SK)

Weather forecast predicted very good thermals... but mostly blue. Mostly blue was correct, but thermals were weak...average was 0.95m/s. Destination for today was Prievidza, alternates were Bielsko Biala or Zar. Made 200km without and the last 100km with engine...
weak thermals in the mountains...

thermals got better in the blue part

Finally clouds... as predicted in the forecast for this area...

dead air... south of ostrava. Time to use the engine... this also made passing Ostrava airspace easier

One valley before Prievidza... just one good lift up to the top in needed... I found thermals but could not get high enough to pass Mala Fatra Mountains... so time for the engine again

I did not know that Arne, Mario and Ortwin are in Prievidza for giding holiday... I met them here for many years, but usually in April

Delicious dinner at Aerorest restaurant
My favorite drink.... Beton... Becherovka Tonic

2015 - 1st day

2015 - 1st day

Great first day / The weather for the following week looks tricky... I bought maps for Germany, western Poland, Czech, Slovakia and Austria. I will go wherever the weather window tries to hide :-) ... for the next days Czech and Slovakia seem to fit. Hence I decided to go to Vrchlabi.
... but first packing needed to be done....

Our new sting is towing at Riesa Canitz airport, piloted by Wolfgang


my heart beats for "traveling by glider"

22km into that direction lies Vrchlabi... but how to get there?

.. finally at the mountains...

... after two hours I arrived in Vrchlabi... very easy with 35km/h tail wind... weather was still good ... so here is the cloud street against the wind... 50km with no circle.... but got washed down at the end... so had to find a way to cross the Riesengebirge for the second time

home for the first night: Vrchlabi airport

Very friendly.... it feels like being home very quickly :-)

In the restaurant next to the flight school where I will sleep, there a group from the Netherlands is playing "Always look on the bright side of life" ... I do....

Vrchlabi is a great place for gliding camps.... thermals start early and end late... plenty of beds at flight school... fair prices, two restaurants and very friendly people..

Summary - 4W on travel by glider tour

Summary - 4W on travel by glider tour

After starting the project last year, it was time to try traveling using this plattform by myself. Below you find the track (Screenshot from 2800km in 12 days.

It worked great. Planing was easy, first: take a look to the weather forcast for the next days, then find appropriate airports on Finally I flew every day, because I flew towards the good weather. In the section Equipment we can exchange ideas and product hints for useful items.

If your airport is not registered, please register.

4W on tour - day12: Flight home - from Unterwoessen to Riesa

4W on tour - day12: Flight home - from Unterwoessen to Riesa

Last day.... going home to Riesa - 400km for the day

fully packed and ready to go...

First clouds over the hills

First clouds in flat land right after Chiemsee... too far away for the the Jantar... so engine usage for 10 minutes

...east of Munich...

Crossing the Isar River (looking towards Munich)

after 200km high clouds coming in....

.... above glide path... the clouds still looked nice... after checking the kite surfing forcast for next day for the baltic sea, I decided to land without extending the flight in order to reach the night train to the coast... after 12 days of flying every day, I am looking forward to do kite surfing again...

Home of the Jantar... D-KAZF did good, really enjoyed flying it...

4W on tour - day10: From Klippeneck (GER) to Unterwoessen (GER)

4W on tour - day10: From Klippeneck (GER) to Unterwoessen (GER)

Great flying day again. In the morning I checked the weather forecast, it said that for the following day the german-austrian boarder will be one of the few (two) areas for flying in Germany. Looking to the map of it seemed like Unterwoessen would be the right place to land today. I also needed a place in a hangar, because light rain was forcasted for the night. The entry of Unterwoessen showed, that a place in the hangar for a 15m gider can be arranged in most cases... so I called the given number and got conformation... no problem they said.

After "Schwaebisch Breakfast" with Uli and his friends I started at noon towards Unterwoessen.

Here is the Bodensee. The flight later was a bit difficult between Friedrichshafen and Memmingen airspace... at that time only every 3rd cloud worked...

... but when arriving on the first hills of the alps it got better.




Inn River

The athmosphere in Unterwoessen is very nice, could join the flight school for delicious dinner and got offered a room by local club.... also washed clothes... here is also a travel by glider group from Bremen...


4W on tour - day9: Burg Feuerstein (GER) to Klippeneck (GER)

4W on tour - day9: Burg Feuerstein (GER) to Klippeneck (GER)

Great flying day, 2-4m/s climbs and cloud streets. The weather forcast for tmr changed, hence my target airport, too... instead of Zwickau I approached Klippeneck. 100km/h for the first 200km... overdevelopmemt at northern end of Schwarzwald. Landed as planed on Klippeneck airport, which is the highest in Germany... over 900m. Burg Feuerstein is at about 600m MSL... yesterday night was cold... today I am happy that I got a room... its cold in this height. 

Morning in Burg Feuerstein


Geat fun...

Home for tonight... Klippeneck

Our Jantar was equiped with an engine in 1994 by these two brothers. Both fly on Klippeneck. Today I had the pleasure of meeting both of them, which was lots of fun and very interesting. Berthold (left) designed the propeller and took care of the certification, Uli (right) designed the hydraulic system for extraction... takes just 4 Seconds!!! Great job!!!

... parking position...

4W on tour - day8: From Straubing (GER) to Burg Feuerstein (GER)

4W on tour - day8: From Straubing (GER) to Burg Feuerstein (GER)

First many thanks to the very friendly and helpful Straubing gliding club.

The conditions today have been difficult, first low cloud base and weak thermals. The head wind was 20km/h. Later much better conditions, but sometimes larger distances between the clouds... used the engine to reach next clould. Hopefully I got far enough north to have flyable conditions tmr.

Along the Donau


Burg Feuerstein ... final destiantion for today

4W on tour - day7 from Rana (CZ) to Straubing/Donau (GER)

4W on tour - day7 from Rana (CZ) to Straubing/Donau (GER)

Nice day, climbs between 1 and 2.8 m/s. Straubing is in the center of the best weather forcasted by topmeteo for tmr in Germany. Hence it was a good target, but first I wanted to fly a bit in CZ. Straubing glider club has summer camp.... very nice.

Nice thermals in CZ, flew towards south-east of Prague and turned when Straubing was 200km away.

todays destination: Straubing airport... lots of traffic

Young-Straubing-pilots... thanks for your help.

The moon is rising... (picture by Karl)

4W on tour - day6 from to Vrchlabi (CZ) to Rana (CZ)

4W on tour - day6 from to Vrchlabi (CZ) to Rana (CZ)

Relaxing day, just 150km and the weather should be very good.... In reallity the weather was not very good.... warm air caused the thermals to get weak and caused large blue holes.... very interesting was, that the bad thermal area south of Erz (Ore) Mountains, which is included in the thermal map from, showed a large blue hole.. dead air.. it areeed!!! ... I decided to fly around... the whole flight was a zig-zack... but there was lots to see on the ground... great sight seeing day :-)

Morning after the front

Flight school... there many rooms for many guests

Packing of tent and air bed... when sitting on it its very flat


Over the Elbe river... the long lake on the left is a race track for boats (e.g. kajaks)

Brown coil mines south of Erz Mountains... ě=km north of Rana

Rana airport

Rana is home of many pilots who love vintage gliders. The model shown here is being build right now... wings and fuselage structure are nearly ready

The hill in the background is used by paragliders... some were flying all eveing.