How it works is a platform for sharing information on launch possibilities for gliders in Europe. Our aim is to make traveling by glider more easily accessible by providing information where and when gliders can be re-launched.

During the summer there are glider camps all over Europe and some airports offer aero-tows all summer. Glider journeys over a long weekend or over weeks can be made easily when possible launch sites are known. This site collects data from pilots, for pilots. With this in mind, pilots might land in your airport with an expectation to start the following morning. So if something does change, e.g. towing aircraft is not available, please do update your data. 

All the data can be filtered by day and launching methods. The results are visualized on a map, in a table or even exported as a waypoint file. The site has been optimized to work from smartphones, hence everyone should be able to download the most current data everyday.

How to add a launching site

You need to register and login. After logging in you will get a new menu entry called "Add", allowing you to add your data.

How to change data

After logging in there will be a menu called "My Entries", where you can see all your data in a table. Select "Edit" on the item you want to change.

How to download the waypoints

In the menu "Maps" and "Table" there is a download link provided at the bottom. Make sure to select/filter the desired date and the preferred launching methods first.

Thermal map

Travelling by glider is easier when the thermal characteristics of the ground are known. In 2012 we started the thermal map project, which basically gives pilots the opportunity to share their knowledge on the area they know best. Other pilots can download the data from there. Please help us also with this project and share your experience.