Taurus Trip Day 1/5 (Mengen to Freiburg)

Taurus Trip Day 1/5 (Mengen to Freiburg)

Arndt, who flies in Luesse, and me flying in Riesa and near Jever, are eager to find out how suited the Taurus is for traveling by glider. We rented one from www.taurus-charter.de. Unfortunatelly the weather forcast was very bad. So we moved moved our departure 130km WSW from Donauwörth to Mengen.

I reached Mengen by train at 11:30am, we rigged the Taurus and started at about 2pm.

Bodensee... the clouds looked better than they were

reaching Black Forest

After taking a look at Basel we flew to Freiburg. They are registered at TravelByGlider. The airport is located very close to the city.

We were very happy to have found a way to fly in southern Germany despite the bad weather in most of the region.

The very friendly Akaflieg club accomondated our glider and us. We spent a nice evening with pizza and beer with some of the club members. Next monring we were woken up by Peter who invited us for breakfast. Peter flies an Arcus M, which can be chartered for travelling by glider as well: www.koyaviation.de