Taurus Trip Day 2/5 (Freiburg to Koblenz)

Taurus Trip Day 2/5 (Freiburg to Koblenz)

After breakfast with Peter we planed flying north. Andris, Gabi and Thomas, who travel for three days starting from Hotzenwald near Basel, had the destination Koblenz. We tried to meet there. ... and we did... 


Unfortunatelly we had to use the engine multiple times. Also the DG800 and DG500 had to use the engine at some point... The Rhein valley is wide. On this pic you can see the tension in my face and the very good cooling ventilation of the Taurus.

On final to Koblenz Winningen next to the Mosel river.

Taurus and DG500 tied to the ground for this warm summer night. The DG500 appreciates the long concrete runway of Winningen airport.

Walking down to Winningen village for the night. We spent a great evening in a restaurant near the Mosel river with Andris, Gabi and Thomas.